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Douglas DC-3/C-47/Dakota series.

This page was last updated on 14 February, 2011.

Royal Australian Navy Historic Flight Dakota N2-90 / VH-NVZ. Photograph by Alan Scoot.

This list contains details about several hundred Douglas DC-3 aircraft and the other aircraft derived from them. Eventualy we hope to list all of the DC-3 series aircraft produced.

To find the aircraft you are looking for, press the Ctrl & F keys. When the search box opens up, type in the registration/military serial you are after and click on "find next". Events which occured on an unknown date are listed with ? at the start of the entry. Some of these may have a date at the end of the entry which indicates a time which the entry was current. ie: ? The aircraft was acquired by Brian Thompson, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. 2004. This means that I do not have the date when Brian acquired the aircraft, but I do know that he owned it during 2004. 

If you cannot find the information that you are after or if you can supply us with any further information to add to this site, please drop us a line via e-mail.

The list has now grown to such a large size that I have had to break it down into 2 main parts.

The first covers all the construction numbers before 13,000.

The second half covers all aircraft from construction number 13,000 onwards and also any aircraft that I have not yet tied to a construction number.

Part 1 - Aircraft up to Construction Number 12,999.

Part 2 - Aircraft from Construction Number 13,000 onwards.

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